Complex contour shape measurements of injector and brake parts can be simply performed.

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Inspection Machines (CV-3100HY)

Name Contour Measuring Machine
Manufacturer Mitutoyo
Model Name CV-3100HY
Items Processed
Special Specs
Date Installed 04.2012
Number 1

Equipment List

Name Manufacturer Model Name Specs Special Specs Number  
Roundness Measuring Machine Mitutoyo RA-2200AS 1 > More
Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument Mitutoyo SJ-500 1 > More
Projector Starlet HE400 2 > More
Toolmaker's Microscope Mitutoyo TM-500 Series 4 > More
Contour Measuring Machine Mitutoyo CV-3100HY 1 > More
IDMS KEYENCE IM-7020 1 > More
CMM Mitutoyo CRT-AS544 1 > More

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Inspection Machines Equipment Details